Templer's War Poetry 



The Caged Men by Templer 2022/23


The caged men

Ready for what awaits

Terrified eyes

But war turns boys into men



Men fight on

Longing for the warmth of love


But war turns boys into men


Accepting their inevitable fate

The urge to escape is uncontrollable

Misfortune of misplaced men

Wide eyed

But war turns boys into men


Ripped apart beneath the grey skies

Stomped upon my many

Screams fill the air

But war turns boys into men


Flesh and dust out of place

Letters on the ground

Loved ones unable to help



War turns men into boys




Death or Silence



Nothing to be afraid of


Is what I fear the most

Nothing more

Or less.


When the valley is


And death is


It is all that I can see.


We all long for a change

Forever feeling this way.


It’s not nice

So roll the dice

To Freedom.


Teary-filled eyes

Hundreds of lies

All have changed the world.



Something natural


Something sincere.


The question is:

Death or Silence?

But I think the answer

 is very clear.







Paper War



Tear-filled eyes,

Haunted cries,

Silent war…



Ruby hands,

Endless lands,

Scarlet war…



Left alone,

Skin and bone,

Murdering War…



Forever ripped,

Soon to be shipped,

Blinding war…



Broken heart,

Left to part,

Cursing war…



Nothing More

Littered floor,

Paper war…










Running Scared


When guns are held,

On the other side, enemies lay.

Rotten to the heart,

Languishing on the floor.

Dead bodies fall into no-man’s land.

Waiting for the smoke,

Armies nettle in the field.

Running scared.




-The End-


Men fought on,

Longing for the warmth of love,

The stench of death filled the air,

Comrades, friends, family,

In the end,

They’re all the same.





The Death of Horror


Death is coming

Enter the end of you

Accepting death

Daylight’s no more

Loved ones will remember you

You shall rest

Gunshots from tanks as your soul goes up

No more gunshots from tanks

Sun goes down and rain








Bodies ripped apart

A battlefield full of gunshots

Tall guns aim at heads

The grey sky covers the bodies

Lost family members explode

Eyes full of fear as they watch their family die





No One Won


Scared and full of fear

The wide-eyed boys

Stood in the battlefield


Out of place

Running for their lives


Bodies of the dead


To the floor

Solemn eyes

Watching their friends


Bodies littered on the ground


The urge to escape

is uncontrollable

surrounded by people’s

loved ones

accepting their inevitable



Sensing death approaching

They embrace

They close their eyes

And realise


They’re safe


Home with grandparents

In the sunlight

No longer in

The dark









Men huddled up like animals,

Bracing for the brutal war of D-Day,

The cage finally opens,

They run over the now bloody sand like cheetahs.


Their comrades are scattered on the beach,

Piece by piece,

While the surviving shoot their guns across this hellish place,

Bombs throw and tears drop,

It tears the soldiers into shreds,

Like paper,

Every shot,

Every cry,

Is heard across the blood ocean.


Boys at the age of eighteen are,

Traumatised by the experience.

They wrestle with death.


_______________________________________________________________________A Long Way From Home


The boys watching

Men fall

To their death

Ripped apart

People get shot

Left there

They are scared



This Is War


Sad gory
























The Bodies of Nothing



Fallen with no hope

Families with no call

Wondering if they might fall.

Nobody to support them

Crawling to survive

Torn apart with no final goodbye

Losing loved ones unexpectantly

Flesh turning into dust

People hiding

Trying not to die








Death Awaits


Eyes full of fear.


Anger slowly disappeared as the ship approached the shore.

The men’s bodies littered on the ground.

Have a lot of courage of what awaits.


Let the sadness disappear.


In the light it turned grey.


Very sad for everyone.


Everyone be aware.






Beyond Enemy Lines


Bodies dropping to the floor like flies,

Enemies dropping bombs through their cannons,

Yellow sand scattered across the battlefields,

On the battlefields are people fighting for their lives,

New people battering.

Dirt and sand flying in the air.



New battles every day,

Ever on the other side of the battlefields are the enemies,

More bombs scattered off the cannons,

Yet, in the cage are the men waiting to be let out.


Letting yourself think it’s the end,

In the battlefields

New and fresh bombs

Ending battlefields

Sending from far away






Beloved men beyond enemy lines losing their lives.

All who are a million miles from home, wishing for safety.

The bombed and destroyed alone with the dead.

The war-obsequies are never peaceful for even a second.

Lost men looking for safety.


Everyone fleeing off the ships to end this war.

For all hope is lost as soon as you enter the battlefield.

Igloos made for shelter from bombs.


Eyes full of fear.

Hiding from death.

Lost men in their forever thought.

Dead are littered everywhere.




The Death Race


The blood waters the flowers in this godforsaken place,

Run as fast as you can and win the death race.

Batches of bodies being served and slaughtered,

Sadness fell like the bodies of mortals.

Screams of death filled the air,

Bullets and bodies scattered in many a pair.


Run as fast as you can and win the death race, But none of this matters because Hitler has chosen their fate.







Fighting for life

In danger

Get ready to die

Help me please

Time to die










Terror in the eyes of soldiers,

Everyone is scared,

Remembering who they will leave behind,


Remembering that they might not make it to the end of the battle,

Or that they will not go home,


Remembering what they went through during the war.







Blood covered bodies,

Animal like people waiting to be let out,

Terrible times,

Treacherous grounds where battle takes place,

Loved ones sent into battle,

Everlasting guns firing away.


Friends and foe fighting together,

Intense moments when all seems lost,

Everlasting battles,

Long sad moments,

Deadly silence.




Templer Class

Hello, I’m Mr Curtis and I’m the class teacher of Templer. I’m joined by Mrs Garrett from Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Lovick and Mrs Shanahan at the end of the week. Mrs McCarthy is with the class each morning and Mrs Dyke is with us every afternoon.

At Wolborough we provide a creative curriculum that nurtures and inspires your children to do well and in Templer, this is no different! Year 6 is an incredibly important year for your child. It marks the end of their time here at Wolborough in which they create some lasting and wonderful memories. It is also the year of their KS2 SATs in which we will work together to enable the children to become the best they can be.

It is our guarantee that the Templer team will give their heart and soul to make sure that your child’s last year at Wolborough takes place in a fun and enriching environment. This will ensure that they will not only become ready for SATs but also provide them with the tools they need to craft a bright an exuberant future.


We thought that it would be helpful to let you know the Templer class expectations so that we can start the school year smoothly.

  • School starts at 8.55amso please can you ensure that your child is in school at this time
  • Children must have the correct PE kit in schoolevery day. If this comes into school on the first day of term in a labelled bag then it can be left in their locker for washing at half term. We may do PE at any time so it is useful if their kit is in school at all times. However our current PE days are Monday and Wednesday.
  • Reading is an important part of the curriculum and we encourage the children to read for pleasure at home.
  • Each week there is an expectation for every child to complete their TT Rockstars homework and spelling practice homework will be added in the future.
  • The school day ends at 3.20pmso please can children be picked up promptly on the bottom playground. If you are happy for your child to walk home, the school office will need to be notified.




So far this term...


Our first half term's learning in English has been focused on the story, The Day The Crayons Quit which is a wonderful picture book that the children have loved getting to know. They have created their own letters from objects in our school complaining on how they may have been mistreated!


So far in our Maths learning, we have been revising some of our key place value concepts as well as unpicking and discussing the value and structure of numbers. Problem solving is a big part of what makes our Maths learning tick at Wolborough and as always, we have been using problems to help push our Maths further! We have now started to look at all four operations and the different strategies we can use to help us.

Our PE focus this half term is on Touch Rugby and we have been lucky enough to take part in a festival at Newton Abbot College in which each member of Templer class represented the school well.

In our History lessons, we will be looking at the question, How have the Anglo Saxons changed Britain? We will be looking to identify where the Anglo Saxons fit into our countries ‘timeline’ and the role they have played in our future.