Welcome to Bell Class, a vibrant and engaging learning community where curiosity meets knowledge! Mrs. Caudrelier brings her passion for learning to Bell Class every Monday and Tuesday, creating a dynamic and supportive environment. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Mrs. Bickerton takes the helm, infusing the classroom with enthusiasm and creativity. Together, we foster a warm and inclusive atmosphere that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and a love for learning. In Bell Class, we believe in the unique potential of each student, and we are excited to embark on this academic adventure together. Let's make this school year one filled with growth, discovery, and shared accomplishments!


School Day

  • School starts at 8.55am - please can you ensure that your child is in school at this time. Bell Class enter through the courtyard outside Bell and Bradley Class. The door will be open between 8.45am-8.55pm
  • School Day ends 3.10pm – please come to the courtyard outside Bell and Bradley Class to collect your child. If someone new will be collecting please make sure permission has been given to the office prior to collection.


Curriculum – Spring Term

PE – Mondays and Thursday

Ensuring your child has the correct PE kit is crucial for their participation and comfort during physical education activities at school. Please make sure they always have their kit in school.


Gymnastics and REAL PE

This term, our students will have the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination through a dynamic gymnastics curriculum. We will guide students through a series of engaging activities and exercises designed to enhance not only their physical abilities but also their confidence and teamwork skills. From mastering fundamental gymnastic techniques including traveling, balancing and jumping to exploring creative routines, our goal is to make physical fitness both fun and rewarding.


real PE helps support EVERY child to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life. Our unique, child centred approach transforms how we teach PE to include, challenge and support EVERY child.



This term in maths we are: 

  • looking at place value for number up to 50, understand the value of the numbers using tens and ones. 
  • adding and subtracting 2 digit and 1 digit numbers to 20
  • working on measurements including length, height, weight and volume. 



Our focus this term –

·         Handa's Surprise (Fiction):

    • Author: Eileen Browne
    • Genre: Children's fiction
    • Summary: "Handa's Surprise" is a popular children's picture book that tells the story of a little girl named Handa who goes on a journey to visit her friend Akeyo. Along the way, various animals take fruits from Handa's basket, leading to a surprising twist at the end. The book is known for its vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling.



The children will be embarking on a fascinating journey into the rich tapestry of Jewish culture as we delve into the meaning of being Jewish in our upcoming Religious Education term. Our exploration will commence by immersing ourselves in Jewish traditions and gaining insights into the daily life of Margalit, a young Jewish girl who generously shares her experiences at home. Through this comparative study, we aim to foster understanding and appreciation for the diversity of beliefs and practices across various cultures. By drawing parallels and contrasts with our own lives, we hope to cultivate a deeper sense of empathy and respect for the multifaceted world of faith. Join us in this exploration of religious diversity, where we seek to build bridges of understanding and celebrate the beauty of our differences.


ICT – Programming – Moving a Robot

This unit introduces learners to early programming concepts. Learners will explore using individual commands, both with other learners and as part of a computer program. They will identify what each floor robot command does and use that knowledge to start predicting the outcome of programs. The unit is paced to ensure time is spent on all aspects of programming and builds knowledge in a structured manner. Learners are also introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.



In topic we start the half term with history. We will be looking at the history of Wolborough primary school. We will consider when and why the school was built. We will investigate what school was like when it opened and how it has changed overtime. 

For Geography we will  be looking at the united kingdom, discovering the countries that make up the UK, the different capital cities and the different attraction of each area. 


Art – Simple Printmaking

This pathway invites the children to explore the world about them as a way to begin to understand the concept of ‘print’. They will explore how they can build up images by creating multiples, and use line, shape, colour and texture to explore pattern, sequencing and symmetry. This will link to our core English text ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We will look at African patterns and how we can create some of our own.