Arthur is Wolborough School’s Dog Mentor.  He is a 3 year old Sprocker Spaniel who loves nothing more than chasing a tennis ball or swimming in a river. 

In school, Arthur will often be found greeting children at the school gate with a happy wagging tail.  He is particularly helpful at these times if children are finding it tricky to leave their parents and come into school.  Arthur has an amazing ability to work out how children are feeling and to know if he can be joyful and bouncy or if he needs to be calm and cuddly.  His lovely soft ears are great to stroke when you are feeling sad. 

Arthur is in school on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and loves the work he does with the children.  The children are all aware of the rules that we follow to make sure Arthur stays happy and safe while he is in school and to make sure we are always ‘Arthur Ready’. 

Arthur is a very important and much loved member of the Wolborough Team.   

Quotes from the children

Year 4 Pupil         He makes me feel calm, he likes having cuddles which makes me smile.

Year 6 Pupil         Arthur is cute.  He makes me feel happy when I see him.

Year 2 Pupil         I like giving Arthur a treat.  It makes me happy.

Year 4 Pupil         I like stroking Arthur when I am feeling sad.  I like it when he cuddles into me.

Year 3 Pupil         Arthur is cute, I feel excited when I see him.  He is soft and fluffy, I like giving him cuddles.

Year 2 Pupil         Arthur makes me feel happy.

Year 4 Pupil         He makes everyone laugh especially me, and he is always fluffy