Science Curriculum

We believe that Science permeates every aspect of our lives, from the technology we use on a daily basis to the natural world around us that sustains life on earth. Igniting children’s curiosity and passion to question and deepen their knowledge and understanding is central to our role as Science leaders. We believe that through Science, we can support the development of problem solving, critical thinking, evaluating and communicating that can be applied to the everyday challenges they face. We believe that igniting a passion in Science will give children the tools they need to discuss and debate global issues that will impact their lives and prepare them for a changing future.


We believe that our lessons should be rooted in exploration and development of ideas from one lesson to the next, so they can build on their previous learning creating a solid foundation of knowledge. We believe practical experiences should be meaningful and rigorous and lead children to question what they have done and where they should go next. We believe that Science should be inclusive and create experiences where everyone can take part.