Bakers Class


All the EYFS staff welcome you to our Nursery Class-known as Bakers Class! We teach, play with, and generally have many fun times with the Nursery children.

Mrs Wreford teaches the Nursery Class during focus times. She has lots of experience and enthusiasm for supporting the youngest children in our school.                                                      Miss Ledbury and Mrs Dugmore work together as they plan and oversee the activities and what is being taught in the Nursery as well as across the Early Years.                                                                 

Our fantastic teaching assistants supporting Bakers Class are Mrs Hill and Mrs Dyke. Our class is also supported by the Reception Class staff, during the children’s ‘Playing and Learning Time’. This is a time when both our Nursery Class and Reception Class children come together in our Foundation Unit.                                                                                       

We are fortunate that we have such a highly experienced staff, who are knowledgeable and passionate about giving all the EYFS children the best possible learning experiences.

In Bakers Class, whenever possible, we believe in child-led learning. This means that we will interact with the children and guide them in the activities that they have chosen to do. This means that our day is mainly playing games and generally having fun! We are able to support our children to develop their literacy and mathematical skills and knowledge, we will help them build relationships and confidence, we will help them to express themselves in different ways (role play, painting, music) and we will help them to understand the world. 

Our day usually consists of 4 small focuses through the day, where we sit, learn, sing and play together. The other times of the day are known as Playing and Learning Time. This means that the children are free to access any of the 3 areas of the Early Years. The children could play and learn outside, in Bakers class or in Forde class. There many activities that the children can play and interact with, such as; role play, building, writing, reading, painting, making music, junk modelling, problem solving and we encourage the children to come up with their own games.


The children build great relationships with both the adults and the other children and they love coming to Nursery - but they also love seeing their adults at the end of the day too!