School Gateway


Dear Parents and Carers


I am pleased to inform you that we have now introduced a new service called ‘School Gateway’. This means that you will now be able to make online payments via the School Gateway smartphone app or website. You will also be able to view school meals balances, top them up at any time and order your child’s meal each day.


We will notify you by text and email when new items such as school trips or tickets for events become available for payment on the School Gateway. You will also be able to give online consent, where required, for your child to take part in activities.


Aside from saving the school time and money on administration, School Gateway will also make it easier for parents to pay for items at any time and remove the need for cash in school.


All bookings and payments must now be done though School Gateway and this includes:-


  • Dinners
  • Breakfast Club
  • Nursery
  • Trips


All communication will also be through School Gateway enabling use to share information with you instantly and more efficiently. We will no longer be sending paper copies of information to parents.


What you need to do now

Download the App: If you have a smartphone please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone). The app shows the same information as the website PLUS you can send app messages to the school for FREE – this will also save the school money when we send text messages.


Visit the website:  and click on ‘New User’. You will receive a text message with a PIN. Use this PIN to log into School Gateway.

If you are having trouble activating your School Gateway account, it may be because we do not have your current email or phone number on record. Please contact the School office and we will update the details on our system.

Yours faithfully Samantha Freeman

School Business Manager

Wolborough CE Nursery School