Templer - Year 6



At Wolborough we provide a creative curriculum that nurtures and inspires your children to do well and in Templer, this is no different! Year 6 is an incredibly important year for your child. It marks the end of their time here at Wolborough in which they create some lasting and wonderful memories. It is also the year of their KS2 SATs in which we will work together to enable the children to become the best they can be.

It is our guarantee that the Templer team will give their heart and soul to make sure that your child’s last year at Wolborough takes place in a fun and enriching environment. This will ensure that they will not only become ready for SATs but also provide them with the tools they need to craft a bright an exuberant future.


We thought that it would be helpful to let you know the Templer class expectations so that we can start the school year smoothly.

  • School starts at 8.55am so please can you ensure that your child is in school at this time
  • Children must have the correct PE kit in school every day. If this comes into school on the first day of term in a labelled bag then it can be left in their locker for washing at half term. We may do PE at any time so it is useful if their kit is in school at all times.
  • Please can your child read at home at least 4 times a week? Preferably to a grown up and then noted down in their homework diary. Reading is an important part of the curriculum / homework and we have found that children who read regularly at home progress further. Homework diaries will be checked on a Monday.
  • Each week there is an expectation for every child to complete their TT Rockstar homework and spellings will be sent home as well.
  • There will also be topic homework set based around one of our Core Values.
  • Reading Mornings will start after the Autumn half term and take place each Thursday. Please pop in and share a book with your child!
  • The school day ends at 3.20pm so please can children be picked up promptly on the junior playground.

So far this term...

At Wolborough, our Core Values take centre stage which allows us to weave them throughout our creative curriculum. This Term we have been focusing on PEACE.

Our first half term's learning in English has been focussed on the story, The Birthday Boy which can accessed here: https://www.literacyshed.com/the-other-cultures-shed.html#

It features a different perspective on peace to what we may be used to, the children have become interested in the different culture that has been presented in the story and how it compares to our own. Although we loved the story, we decided as a class to add to it as we feel the original author could have gone further. Throughout our exploration of the text, we have focused on different writing features as well as becoming more confident in our grammar.


We have started to explore what peace means to us and how it affects our senses. To some of us, it smells like the air after a thunderstorm, to others it feels like the waves flowing over our bodies. We will be looking to craft our own boxes of peace in the next half term so if you have any spare cardboard boxes, please bring them in! We will continue to focus on this topic and create new learning opportunities.


We have been lucky enough to take part in a high-five netball festival at Newton Abbot College in which each member of Templer class represented the school to the highest standard. Keeping ourself active is something that we want to push this year and so far, Templer have shown they want to as well!

Luckily, we have had the chance to go swimming again which has enabled us to develop our skills further than before. As I taught the class in Year 4, I have been thrilled to see the progress they have all made in the years since!



 We have also been part of an exciting project with Newton Abbot Museum in which we have created a Gecache that contains memories of the current Templer Class. More information will be provided on where to find this soon!



So far in our Maths learning, we have been revising some of our key place value concepts as well as unpicking and discussing the value and structure of numbers. Problem solving is a big part of what makes our Maths learning tick at Wolborough and as always, we have been using problems to help push our Maths further! We have now started to look at all four operations and the different strategies we can use to help us.

Finally, Templer were victorious in their first battle on TT Rockstars against Passmore!!!

Times tables are key to becoming confident learners and each child should be encouraged to learn them.