Passmore - Year 5


It is important to all the adults working with Passmore class that the children thrive and enjoy their time in our classroom, meaning we will all make sure this happens! When children get to Year 5 they are among the oldest children in school and the expectations of them reflect this.


So far this term Year 5 have settled in well to their new routines in class and have been enjoying the exciting things we have been focusing on.

At Wolborough this term we have been focusing on our topic of ‘Peace’, which is one of our core values. During our English lessons we have been looking at the story of ‘The Birthday Boy’ that shows a small child from another culture and what his perspective on peace might be in comparison to our own. We have focused on different writing techniques and vocabulary that the children have used to write what they think the next sequence of events could have been after the story ended.

Carrying on with our topic of peace, we have been exploring what peace means to us. The children have talked about what peace might taste like, feel like, look like and sound like to them. Giving the children a look into how everyone’s idea of peace is different.
Over the next half term we will be creating a peaceful box. If you have any spare cardboard or shoe boxes, please bring them into class.

In Maths this half term Year 5 have been focusing on number sense. We have looked at place value in numbers up to 1,000,000 which has included placing these numbers on a number line and rounding them up and down. The children have also begun to look at multiplication, learning what a multiple, a factor and prime number is.