Bradley - Year 2

 Health and Wellbeing
We had a healthy start to the year with our Health & Wellbeing week. We talked about what we need to do to be healthy and strong and designed and made our own smoothies. We ended the week with a healthy celebration where we brought in our scooters and played active games outside.
Faith Week
We are finishing off the term with a Faith inspired week. In Bradley our focus is Islam and we are learning about the different practises and beliefs that Muslims follow. We have completed some Islamic art based on the 99 names of Allah. We have also discussed stories from the Qur’an and drawn links and comparisons to the stories from the Christian Bible. In PE we have incorporated our Islamic theme looking into Whirling Dervishes and how they move and used this as a stimulus to choreograph short motifs of our own.


Autumn Term

We have been very busy in Bradley Class this autumn term. Our learning experiences have been taught through our topic, which is ‘peace.’ We have looked at different stories such as Peace at Last and Five Minutes Peace. We then went on a peace walk around our school to find areas where we could go to find peace. We have also looked at nonfiction texts about famous peaceful people such as Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King Jr. As our final task for writing, we created non-chronological reports about Mother Teresa.  In topic sessions we have been focussing on Peace and Conflict and used the ‘Christmas Truce’ as a stimulus for art, poetry, music and dance. Our dance was performed to ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon.


Diversity Day

We came to school dressed in clothes that represent us. We enjoyed sharing our hobbies and likes and decided that it is good to be different :) 

Martial Arts Day

We had lots of fun with Ed from Newton Abbot Martial Arts who taught us lots of different moves and exercises. We can't wait for martial arts classes to start at Wolborough soon!