Foundation Stage


Bakers Class (Nursery)


Hello everyone,

We hope you and your families are all ok.

It's very strange not being at nursery and seeing all of your happy faces. We really miss you making us laugh and having fun.

We hope you are enjoying learning at home with your grown ups. There are lots of ideas of things to do in you packs and you can tell your grown ups that we have also put some links on our school website.  You can show them some of the games that we like to play on Top Marks.

What has Mrs Dugmore been up to?: I have been busy teaching my own children at home (but it's much more fun teaching you !)  My children have also been planting seeds, baking and making cards for their family. They have also been starting the day doing the Joe Wicks PE lessons. Have you been doing any of these things to?

What has Mr Brown been up to?: Like Mrs Dugmore, I have been busy teaching my two children! My eldest son doesn't seem to have as much work as my youngest so to make things fair, we get him to do some extra!! (He is not very happy about this!) We started to do the Joe Wicks PE lessons but I seem to be the only in our house who has done it everyday! I hope you are all like me and not my two sons! We have also been messaging our friends and family all the time and when we are able, we FaceTime them.

It's a bit strange not being able to go out and to see our family and friends. Perhaps you could make them a card or draw them a picture.  It's lots of fun to video call too!

We want you to be happy so please have fun doing lots of different activities and spending time with your family. You could do some baking, build Lego and we know you love to join in with the different Mr Tumble nursery rhymes on YouTube!  We would love to see some of the things you have made or drawn and photos of the things you have been doing. You can either keep them safe for when we can go back to nursery or your grown ups can email them to us at

We miss you all and can't wait to see you back at nursery. Perhaps we can have a special treat as I'm sure by then our rocket will have flown to number 10 on the moon.  We hope you and your family stay safe and happy.

Love from

Mrs Dugmore and Mr Brown


Forde Class (Reception)

Dear Forde Class,

Hi, I hope that you are well and happy.

I know that your grown-ups have told you that you will be learning at home for a little while rather than coming to school - how exciting!  I am going into school a little bit and working from home too! The weather has been so sunny! I have planted some seeds in my garden! (I’ll send a photo soon to show you!) Oh, and I have been practising to play my piano - it is difficult but I will try, try and try again!

I wanted remind you of a few things…

Have a look at your green folders that I gave to you and remember to PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! (And have fun!)

  • Be good for your grownups and remember to use good manners!
  • Play lots of games.
  • Be active, play and run around outside.
  • Have some ‘peace and quiet’ time. Think of your happy place
  • If you want to, you could use your ‘Busy Bee Books’ to do some drawing or writing. I’d love to see your book when you come back to school!
  • When writing: remember letters are lazy so they need to sit on the lines! (Apart from letters with tails!)
  • Read lots of stories.
  • Count anything and everything!
  • Enjoy any time outside - look at the changes in the weather around you.
  • Make music!

Remember! If you try something new or do something that you find difficult, remember what I told you…

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and TRY AGAIN!!’





‘The parent is the child’s first and most valuable teacher’.

Remember three key words - ‘Chat’. ‘Play’. ‘Read’ (and everything else will fall into place!)

Please feel free to email me at

I’d love to answer any questions or offer ideas and support.  You could send me some photos of you learning!

I look forward to hearing from you and I will see you soon!

Lots of love,

Miss Ledbury x