Useful Links    Interactive maths site. Lots of games and ideas.  Free resources to support your child with RE home learning.  Currently free for parents to use at home. Hundreds of resources for maths,  English,  science, RE, handwriting etc..  Fun, interactive maths site. The children enjoy playing ’hit the button’ in class.       Children are familiar with this website and use it in class to support the teaching of phonics. Lots of interactive games for children to play. Access is currently free using login:march20 password: home


Hello Bradley Class! I hope that you are all ok. I’m missing you all lots. Seeing  as though the weather is so lovely and sunny I thought I’d make a video with some ideas for you to keep busy with at home. If you would like to get in touch please send a message and any pictures to and I will look and respond.

take care, 

Miss Young :)