Welcome to Passmore!


We are a year 5 class with 30 children. The adults in our class are Mrs Hunt, Miss Wasley, Mrs Sherwood and Mrs Thorne.

In Passmore, we feel that the best learners are happy learners and with this is mind; we will always promote an enjoyable but productive environment, where the children can express themselves in different ways. We are proud to have a warm classroom that is full of laughter and celebration and we hope that our parents feel as much a part of the class as we do. I am very proud of being the teacher in Passmore class and hope that the children are just as proud to be a member of such a wonderful team.

How we learn

In our class we feel that discussion and talk, both with each other and the adults, is an essential part of learning and therefore we promote co-operation. We work closely together in groups of 4 to support each other and build strong friendships. These groups are changed half termly and allow us to share our areas of strengths with other children in the class. We also strive to give all our lessons contexts relevant to the children and therefore, we link English and Maths, where possible, to the topics we are learning on a half termly basis.

Subjects taught

In our class we will usually have daily English and Maths lessons in the morning. Alongside these two subjects, we will also be working on our reading, spelling and times tables. We will have two PE sessions per week (one on a Wednesday and the other on a Thursday). We are also taught Computing, Science and RE lessons each week. In the afternoons we will usually work on our Topic within which we learn subjects such as History, Geography, Art and D&T.

Autumn Topics

Our topic this half term is about cities and counties in England and then we are going to track Santa over Europe visiting different countries.

In English we are reading “How the Whale became” and writing our own myths based on this.

In Science we have enjoyed our Space topic and we are now learning about forces.

We are looking forward to starting our maths games mornings on a Thursday so that we can practise our number skills and knowledge. We hope that our grown-ups can come and play these with us.